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About Me

I remember being in my early twenties, all of a sudden having to deal with a lot of back pain from scoliosis. There was no position I could be in to gain relief. That was the pain that drove me to look for answers.

Massage, stretching, and moderate exercise were so helpful that I started learning all I could about it. I enrolled in a massage therapy course at a Physical Therapy department in a local hospital in Ukraine, where I am from. Massage Therapy there was never about pampering. It was always an important part of recovery from various illnesses and maintenance of health and vitality. 

Anya Adams

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Little did I know that this new hobby of mine would become my future career. Several years later, after moving to the US, I decided to continue my education, and in 2007 I graduated from the National Holistic Institute in San Jose, CA with a Massage Therapist and Health Educator degree.

Modalities that influenced me the most were Myofascial Release and Craniosacral therapy, Neuromuscular therapy and Deep Tissue work, as well as Eastern bodywork called Medical Qi Gong.  I hold a certification in Medical Massage, which is rooted in Neuromuscular therapy.

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