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Why getting massages from the same therapist matter.

We know that massage therapy offers many health benefits. Here are 25 of them if you are interested:

There is, however, an enormous benefit of finding and going to the same therapist, and here is why:

It allows your therapist to get to know you, and work with you holistically on a much deeper level. Every time you come for a massage, you feel different, because change is at the core of our being. Your stress level and your posture are different, and so is the pain level if you have chronic pain.

As your needs change, so should the therapy approach.

Massage therapists always learn new modalities and techniques, but those are just tools. The art is to put them together in a way that delivers the most benefits to our clients. That is a very difficult task to achieve with a completely unfamiliar person.

As your therapist gets to know you, he/she begins to develop intuitive knowledge about you as a whole person. Just like a family physician, your therapist gets to know your weak and strong areas, your previous history, your responses to different techniques and levels of pressure. This type of knowledge is what delivers a great intuitive and supportive massage.

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