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As a certified Medical Massage practitioner, I am well equipped to design a session that will address your specific needs, and help you build the awareness of what is happening in your body.

I use a combination of healing protocols.

Sometimes you need help with a spasm under a shoulder blade, and sometimes you just need to relax. Sometimes it's a circulatory Swedish Massage with elements of Deep Tissue, and sometimes it's very focused neuromuscular work targeting a specific problem. Depending on the need,  I might use techniques such as Static Manual Release, Trigger Point technique, Pin and Stretch technique, Myofascial Release, Myofascial Cupping, Effleurage, Petrissage, Vibrational release, and others.


Back Pain
Rather than focusing on the type of massage, I focus on the person on the table, and what that person needs at the moment. Every time you come for a massage, you feel different, because change is at the core of our being. Your stress level and your posture are different, and so is the pain level if you have chronic pain. As your needs change, so should the therapy approach. 
Back Massage

My sessions do not resemble spa-style Swedish massages, nor are they a full-body extreme Deep Pressure massages. I always assess postural imbalances and ranges of motion, and work with the goal of improving postural misalignments by targeting muscles that are overworked and have formed adhesions ( aka knots ) or trigger points.

We will work on cultivating your sense of body awareness. I will tailor each session based on what I know of you and what stressor is most affecting you.

Depending on your unique condition, I might recommend exercises, stretches, and other therapy you can do at home, or I might refer you to another type of specialist if you have a problem that needs an integrative approach.

Swedish Massage
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